Everything You NEED to Know About Personality Archetypes

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Everything You NEED to Know About Personality Archetypes

This website is a collection of useful resources to help you better understand your own personality archetypes as well as the repeated patterns in literature, psychology and myths.

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What is a personality archetype?

A psychiatric concept developed by renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, a personality archetype is an understanding or image of the personality of individuals inherited in the collective unconsciousness of humans since our earliest ancestors walked the earth. Jung identified twelve personality archetypes, and believed every human has inherited a mental image of these twelve personality archetypes from their ancestors and that they are recognisable to us all.

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Jung’s personality archetypes represent the range of human motivations, Jung theorising that we each have one dominant archetype characterising our personality. He named these as the Ruler, the Creator/Artist, the Sage, the Innocent, the Explorer, the Rebel, the Hero, the Wizard, the Jester, the Everyman, the Lover and the Caregiver. He then grouped these into three broader categories (being the Ego, the Soul and the Self) based on the fundamental motivation of the personality concerned.

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