Innocent Archetype

Learn all about the innocent archetype, including definition, characteristics, examples and more.

The Innocent is an optimist who can only see the good in people (and in life in general). They enjoy the simple things, are pure at heart, free of corruption, and seek harmony in the world.

Archetypes are near universal patterns that resonate with us. They are what defines the characters that we all aspire to be. Archetypes make our imagination and understanding active. They represent patterns of human behavior.

Archetypes influence human behavior to varying degrees. They are tools used in works of literature and art that depict human nature.

What is an innocent archetype? (The Innocent Archetype Definition)

If you are looking for the innocent archetype definition:

The innocent archetype craves happiness at all times. Innocent archetype embodies sincerity and is always truthful. An innocent archetype is one of the most sympathetic characters.

They inspire people to do good and are pure in every way. Their greatest strength comes from their ability to easily trust. They are interested in other people’s well being and strive to help them. They are also known as saint, romantic, dreamer, optimist, muse and angel.

Innocent Archetype Characteristics & Innocent Personality Traits

There are some characteristics that are common to all innocent characters:

  • They are easily impressed, making them the best audiences for performances.
  • They tend to ignore the bad happening around them.
  • They have a keen sense of wonder.
  • They believe in possibilities and happy endings.
  • They make decisions and act by their own moral compass.
  • Their main goal is to find happiness wherever they can.
  • They are simple, uncomplicated, and authentic.
  • They are easily disappointed just as they are easily impressed.
  • They are generally naive when it comes to general knowledge.
  • They have many layers that can be seen as childlike and is often adored.
  • They can be perceived as boring and mundane.

Innocent archetype examples

The innocent archetype examples are present in some of the most classic films:

Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy is a dreamer in the stories albeit a naive one. Throughout her journey, she remains sincere and resolute. She seeks out self-knowledge with a great sense of wonder. Her song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ shows just how innocent she is.

The song, with lyrics like ‘Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true’ shows her keen sense of joy and belief of happy endings.

Other examples of fictional characters with Innocent Archetype are:

  • Cinderella, from the Disney fairytale.
  • Tom Hanks as Forrest in Forest Gump.
  • Julie Andrews as Mary in Mary Poppings.

Brands associated with the Innocent Archetype

They offer simple solutions to problems. They are associated with goodness, simplicity, nostalgia, and childhood. Their prices range from low to moderate. The companies should have straightforward values.

They should make an effort to differentiate themselves from brands with low reputations. They are associated with morality and simple life. Their marketing should apply to the nostalgia of simpler times.

The color palette used should be muted and their images should be gentle. The language used to communicate with their consumers should be poetic.

These companies are predictable and not very innovative. Examples of brands with innocent archetype are Coca Cola, Snuggle, McDonald’s, The Honest Company, and Charmin.

People Associated with the Innocent Archetype

There are real-life people usually associated with the innocent archetype. Examples are Dolly Parton, Anne Frank, Shirley Temple, and Forrest Gump.

People with innocent archetype have a youthful exuberance to them. While being too spontaneous, they may expose themselves to the harsh realities of the world. They like to stick with what is familiar to them and this can keep them stagnant.

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