Lover Archetype

Learn all about the lover archetype (also known as the archetype lover), including definition, characteristics, examples and more.

The Lover archetype passionately seeks many types of love; a love for family, for friends, for God, and for life itself. This archetype is one of emotion, feeling and idealism.

Archetypes are the forms and patterns imprinted to our subconscious. They influence human behaviors to different degrees. Your level of consciousness is an indicator of how aware you are to the archetypes operating within you.

Archetypes guide human behavior. They have a link to the things all humans want on a deep level. Archetypes are made up of beliefs, values, weaknesses, personality traits, motivations, and fears.

What is a Lover Archetype?

If you are looking for the lover archetype definition:

The lover archetype represents play and sensual pleasure. They like to live in the moment and are appreciative of the physical environment. They try to be more attractive physically and, emotionally. They crave intimacy and enjoy being in a relationship with people. The lover archetype is also known as a friend, spouse, team builder, partner, and sensualist.

Lover archetype characteristics

There are some characteristics that are common to all lover archetypes:

  • They have the ability to handle intense emotions and understand their feelings.
  • They have a great passion for life.
  • They are spontaneous with a great sense of wonder and enthusiasm.
  • They often tend to follow their emotions and make decisions based on them.
  • They are forgiving and understanding of others.
  • They like to pursue their dreams and imagination.
  • They are eager to try new experiences and live life freely.
  • They fear being alone.
  • They are passionate about their appreciation of things.
  • Their self-esteem is associated with the quality of their relationships.
  • They forge deep emotional connections.
  • They have an aesthetic appreciation.

Lover Archetype Examples

Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Romance

According to the myth, Horae welcomed Aphrodite to step ashore and adorned her with the finest gold ornaments and cloth. He brought her to Mount Olympus to present her to Zeus and the other gods. Zeus awarded her to his son Hephaestus, the god of the forge.

Hephaestus did his best to please her but she always felt like she married below her ‘class’. Aphrodite wanted an open marriage and was involved in several love affairs with other gods and mortals. Everyone soon realized Aphrodite had only one gift which was to make love.

She lived an easy and exciting life. Others saw Aphrodite as friendly and very generous. Aphrodite radiated warmth and was incredibly optimistic.

Other examples of fictional characters with the lover archetype are:

  • Romeo and Juliet from the Shakespeare play.
  • Peeta from the Hunger Games book series.

Brands Associated with the Lover Archetype

The brands associated with the lover archetype are usually in cosmetics, food, fashion, jewelry, and travel. They strive to create partnerships among employees and clients. They are after finding harmonious teamwork.

Their brands are usually high-end and luxurious. There is a focus on beauty and aesthetics that gives pleasure. Their advertising language is poetic and beautiful. Their designs are usually sensuous, warm, and inviting. The employees working with these brands tend to be passionate about the visions.

Examples of brands with the lover archetype are Haagen Dazs, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, and, Danishq.

People Associated with the Lover Archetype

There are celebrities that are usually associated with the archetype. Examples are Sofia Vergara, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and, Adam Levine.

The lover archetype is probably the most passionate, but they have a tendency to lack discipline. They want to stay young, innocent, and pure. They remain one of the most likable of archetypes.

What is a Love Archetype?

The love archetype is one of the most popular archetypes in literature and film.

This archetype typically involves a hero (or heroine) who goes on a journey to find his or her true love.

Along the way, the hero overcomes various obstacles, including villains who try to thwart their relationship.

The love archetype often has a happy ending, with the hero and heroine living happily ever after.

While this archetype can be found in many different genres, it is especially common in romantic comedies and fairy tales.

In recent years, the love archetype has also become popular in young adult fiction, such as in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

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