Rebel Archetype

Learn all about the rebel archetype, including definition, characteristics, examples and more.

The rebel archetype speaks out against discrimination and oppression, challenges injustice, and doesn’t conform.

Archetypes are patterns imprinted into our unconscious. There is a direct link with archetypes and what humans want on a deep level. The human condition is a common theme in archetypes. Archetypes are represented in all the cultures around the world. All stories and literary works make use of archetypes.

What is a rebel archetype?

If you are looking for the rebel archetype definition:

Rebel archetypes are unconventional thinkers who use unique approaches to solve tasks. They develop cutting-edge ways to bring about changes. They do not like normalcy and always push for development for a greater community. They believe rules are meant to be broken. Their rebellion leads to innovation and reform. They are not afraid of chaos and use it to bring about change. They are also known as maverick, revolutionary and, outlaw.

Rebel archetype characteristics

There are some characteristics that are common to all rebel archetypes:

  • They speak out against oppression and injustice.
  • They like to be independent.
  • They are unconventional in their methods.
  • They like to challenge the normal system and talk about their ideas.
  • They are bold and usually favor distinct designs.
  • They are very creative with their style.
  • Their words are uncensored and say things no one else is willing to.
  • They are often misunderstood by other people.
  • They are willing to take new risks.
  • They do things extremely differently because they break tradition.
  • They live by their own rules.
  • They are highly sensitive to societal issues.
  • They find it difficult to trust people.
  • They find it hard to connect with others on a personal level.

Rebel archetype examples

Robin Hood

Robin Hood steals from the rich to give the poor. He risks his life based on his beliefs in order to help society. He believes the system isn’t working, so he decides to overthrow it. He believes the end justifies the means like other rebels. He finds it difficult to trust people. The objective is to help people and, he is so focused on it so he doesn’t care how.

Other examples of fictional characters with the rebel archetype are:

  • Jim Stark from the movie Rebel without a cause.
  • Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg from The Fifth Element.
  • Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove.

Brands associated with the Rebel Archetype

They have customers that feel disenfranchised from society. Its products are low to moderately priced. Their products or services do not conform to industry conventions. Their products usually facilitate the development of new technologies or attitudes.

Their products give solutions to problems people have long thought impossible. Their products and services are, provocative and raw. Their products or services shake things up in the industry.

Examples of brands with the rebel archetype are Apple, Virgin, Diesel, and Rimmel.

People Associated With the Rebel Archetype

There are some real-life celebrities associated with this archetype. Examples are Pink, Che Guevara, Kanye West, Sid Vicious and, Miley Cyrus.

The rebel archetype can do almost anything he sets his mind to. An obstacle with someone with this archetype is anger and their unemotional nature. They can learn to take a chance on people and trust them.

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