Cinderella Personality Type

Learn all about the personality type of Cinderella, including personality traits and frequently asked questions.

Who is Cinderella?

Cinderella is a beloved fictional character who has captured the hearts of audiences for generations.

She is known for her enduring resilience, unwavering kindness, and unwavering belief in the power of dreams.

Despite facing adversity and cruelty from her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella remains optimistic and maintains her inner strength.

Her selfless nature is exemplified by her ability to find joy in even the simplest tasks and her unwavering willingness to help others.

Cinderella’s story is a timeless tale of hope, transformation, and the triumph of good over evil.

Through her iconic glass slipper and magical transformation, she teaches us the power of perseverance, kindness, and the belief that dreams can come true.

Cinderella Personality Type

What personality type is Cinderella?

Cinderella exhibits a personality type that aligns with ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging) on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

As an ISFJ, Cinderella demonstrates a quiet and reserved demeanor, preferring to observe and take in her surroundings.

Her compassionate and nurturing nature is evident in her interactions with animals and her willingness to care for others, even in the face of mistreatment.

Cinderella’s attention to detail and adherence to tradition are traits often associated with ISFJs.

Furthermore, Cinderella’s enneagram type is Three, also known as “The Achiever,” with a Two wing.

This combination highlights her drive to succeed and be recognized for her efforts.

Cinderella’s determination to overcome her circumstances and strive for a better life is emblematic of the Three’s desire for achievement and personal excellence.

Additionally, her Two wing accentuates her caring and helpful nature as she selflessly supports and uplifts those around her.

Cinderella’s ISFJ and enneagram Three with a Two wing personality blend contributes to her empathetic and hardworking character.

Her ability to adapt, endure hardships, and maintain a positive outlook resonates with audiences of all ages, making her a timeless symbol of grace, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams.

5 Cinderella Personality Traits

So, what are some of the personality traits of Cinderella?

  1. Kind-hearted
  2. Resilient
  3. Optimistic
  4. Selflessness
  5. Graceful

Let’s take a look at these personality traits in more detail:

1. Kind-hearted

Cinderella’s defining trait is her unwavering kindness. Despite the mistreatment she endures, she remains gentle and compassionate towards others, including her animal friends and even her stepsisters. Her genuine kindness shines through in her willingness to help and support those around her.

2. Resilient

Cinderella demonstrates remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. Despite being subjected to a life of servitude and cruelty, she maintains inner strength and never loses hope. She perseveres through challenging circumstances, showing remarkable resilience and an unwavering belief in the possibility of a better future.

3. Optimistic

Cinderella’s enduring optimism serves as a guiding light in her life. She maintains a positive outlook, finding joy in the simplest things. Her unwavering faith in the power of dreams and the possibility of a brighter future inspires others and allows her to weather difficult times with grace.

4. Selflessness

Cinderella’s selflessness is evident throughout her story. Despite her own hardships, she puts the needs of others before her own, exemplifying a true spirit of generosity. She willingly sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of her stepfamily, demonstrating remarkable selflessness and a capacity for unconditional love.

5. Graceful

Cinderella embodies grace and elegance in her demeanor and actions. Her poise and composure remain intact even in the face of mistreatment. Cinderella’s graceful nature extends beyond her physical appearance, as she carries herself with dignity, kindness, and inner strength, making her a timeless symbol of grace under pressure.

Cinderella FAQs

What is the original story of Cinderella?

The original story of Cinderella dates back to ancient times and has been adapted by various cultures.

However, the most well-known version is the fairy tale popularized by Charles Perrault in the 17th century and later popularized by the Brothers Grimm.

It tells the story of a young woman who, with the help of her fairy godmother, attends a royal ball and captures the heart of a prince with her beauty and charm.

Did Cinderella have any magical powers?

In most versions of the Cinderella story, Cinderella does not possess magical powers.

Instead, she receives assistance from her fairy godmother, who uses her magic to transform Cinderella’s appearance and provide her with a beautiful dress, glass slippers, and transportation to the ball.

Cinderella’s own strength lies in her kindness and resilience.

What is Cinderella’s stepmother’s name?

Cinderella’s stepmother is often referred to simply as the “Wicked Stepmother” or “Evil Stepmother” in popular adaptations of the story.

She is depicted as a cruel and jealous woman who mistreats Cinderella and favors her own daughters over her stepdaughter.

What are the names of Cinderella’s stepsisters?

The stepsisters’ names vary in different versions of the Cinderella story.

In the popular adaptations, they are often referred to as Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine.

These characters are portrayed as selfish, vain, and envious of Cinderella’s beauty and the attention she receives.

How does Cinderella lose her glass slipper?

In the fairy tale, Cinderella attends the royal ball and dances with the prince.

As the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella hastily leaves, and in her haste, she loses one of her glass slippers on the palace staircase.

The prince then uses the slipper to find the owner and ultimately reunite with Cinderella, leading to their happily ever after.

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