Intellectual Archetype

Learn all about the intellectual archetype, including definition, characteristics, examples and how it relates to the Sage archetype.

What is the Intellectual Archetype?

The archetypal Intellectual loves learning, studying solely for the sake of learning. They are deep thinkers, enjoying thinking abstractly and philosophically about the world.

Their thinking and interest ranges across a broad range of topics and pursuits, allowing them to appreciate both the small and large questions of life.

They see connections in the world where others would likely miss them, enabling to pull together ideas into a cohesive whole.

Intellectual Archetype Characteristics & Traits

  • The Intellectual enjoys academic pursuits such as reading, writing and science. They often spend their spare time on activities which challenge the mind, such as word and number puzzles.
  • They enjoy cultivating their brain power and challenging themselves to learn new things and become skilled in new pursuits.
  • They exhibit an insatiable curiosity about the world, constantly looking for new things to learn and new ways to broaden their mind.
  • They enjoy spending their time with other people of similar intellectual calibre engaging in intelligent and stimulating conversation, finding that this both fulfills their curiosity and allows them to indulge in a competitive intellectualism which they secretly hold within.
  • Intellectuals often work in careers where they are paid for their knowledge, their ability to think on a deeper and more creative level than others and their ability to interpret such knowledge to other people.
  • They are suited to a broad range of professions across a variety of industries from the arts, humanities, sciences, law, emergency services and so on.
  • They are highly likely to have gone through the education system to a high level, including having attended University to at least undergraduate level.

Intellectual Worldview

The archetypal Intellectual can sometimes become locked into their specific patterns of thinking and needs to work hard in order to ensure that they maintain an open mind to other avenues of thought which differ from their own or are based on something other than their own mode of education and experience.

They can also tend to reject their gut instinct in favour of logical thinking when sometimes listening to their gut may be the better option.

Before making a decision the Intellectual considers carefully all the possible options open to them and only then acts. On many occasions this lack of impulsiveness can be beneficial to them but it can also lead to missing out of opportunities due to perceived procrastination.

Intellectual Archetype Examples

An example of the Intellectual archetype is German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

One of the most famous and important intellectuals of the Enlightenment period, Kant created comprehensive and influential works on a broad range of topics.

These included:

  • religion
  • law
  • epistemology
  • metaphysics
  • astronomy
  • history
  • ethics
  • aesthetics

Further Reading

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