INTJ Personality Type

Many are interested in knowing what motivates their behavior. The MBTI can be part of that process as it reveals traits and the qualities that determine behavior.

The INTJ personality type is popularly known as the ‘Strategist’ or ‘Mastermind’ and is among the 16 personality types found in the Myers-Briggs type indicator.

People with an INTJ personality type are highly analytical and follow a logical thinking pattern.

With so many personality types out there, it can be confusing.

Fortunately, we have created this INTJ personality guide to help determine if you possess the traits that make you a ‘Mastermind.’

What Is the INTJ Personality Type, and What Does It Stand For?

The MBTI was created in the mid-20th century and inspired by Jungian psychology. Of the 16 types, the INTJ personality type is among the rarest, present in less than 3% of the population. INTJ personalities display the core qualities of intuition, introversion, thinking, and judging. The INTJ personality type is categorized into two subtypes:

  • INTJ-A
  • INTJ-T

INTJ-A refers to the ‘Assertive Mastermind’ who often has greater confidence in their abilities than the INTJ-T. The INTJ-T is known as the ‘Turbulent Mastermind,’ and refers to people with the INTJ personality who lack confidence.

However, their lack of confidence doesn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams, and they will often become more focused because of their self-doubt.


INTJs are more focused on their internal thoughts and feelings and often spend a lot of time alone as they may find it exhausting or draining to interact with the external world. But introverted individuals can maintain close personal relationships or have a small social circle.


INTJ personality types rely on intuition as a part of their decision-making process. These individuals will use abstract thinking to gain more depth and understand various circumstances and patterns. It is similar to the gut feeling people often talk about.

But INTJs will have the right gut feeling about many of the choices they have to make regardless of their situation.


A person with the INTJ personality type is a critical and logical thinker. They don’t make rushed decisions and are often objective in their choices. INTJs can be highly objective, and some may come across as having no emotion at all. But they only value objectivity and rationality over emotionally-driven decisions.


This trait allows INTJs to adapt to the external world by creating structure and bringing order. The judging function helps the INTJ create goals and set objectives to direct their life. This quality allows INTJs to create deadlines and make decisions to achieve a specific task or goal.

Key Characteristics and Traits

You may come across an intuitive, a critical thinker, who is introverted, but they don’t fit the INTJ personality type. Apart from the core qualities that make an INTJ personality, there are certain characteristics and traits they display. Some of them include:

  • Perfectionism
  • Arrogance
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Independence
  • Visionary thinking
  • Ambition and confidence


INTJs will often appear as perfectionists who are meticulous and detail-oriented. INTJ personalities despise mediocrity and hold themselves to a higher standard.


Controlling and uninterested in the approval or permission of others, INTJ will come across as arrogant. Additionally, INTJs believe in their intellectual superiority and will overlook the opinions or emotions of everyone else.

Intellectual Curiosity

People with the INTJ personality are curious about the world and seek knowledge in various ways. Intellectual curiosity involves pursuing concepts and theories that help fill their thirst for knowledge.


INTJs are comfortable being alone and often initiate and execute projects without anyone’s help. They will often rely on their abilities and enjoy working alone because they are introverted and like the freedom to take a project in any direction.

Visionary and Confident

The INTJ personality type can be easily identified. These individuals are visionaries that work toward achieving their dreams. INTJs will create goals that may not be apparent to everyone else and are proponents of out-of-the-box thinking.

Ambitious and Confident

People with the INTJ personality are characterized by their strong ambition and desire to achieve their goals. They will often make great sacrifices to get what they want and often believe in their abilities.

Examples of People With the INTJ Personality Type

It can be difficult to determine if you fit the INTJ personality type if you don’t know anyone with it. Numerous groups of people have the INTJ personality type, including:

Famous INFJs

Though the INFJ personality is uncommon, there are some famous people of this type. They include:

Stephen Hawking

Hawking was a phenomenal scientist who did groundbreaking work in the world of physics. Hawking was a logical thinker, introverted, and capable of working independently despite his condition.

John Maynard Keynes

Keynes was an analytical thinker whose work helped develop and improve various economic theories. Keynes’ intellectual curiosity and independent thought abilities qualify him as an INTJ.

Mark Zuckerberg

Arguably one of the most famous people in the world, Mark Zuckerberg has an INTJ personality type based on his visionary thinking and introverted features. Zuckerberg is intuitive and a long-term analytical thinker capable of pursuing his goals.

Elon Musk

Musk fits the INTJ personality type like Zuckerberg due to his visionary and strategic thinking. Musk is an ambitious individual whose intuitive and innovative thought processes have helped him become a major player in the tech industry.

Celebrities With INTJ Personality Type

While the INTJ is rare, this type is represented in every area, from film to politics to the sciences. Celebrities who display qualities that match the INTJ personality type include:

  • J.K Rowling: author of the Harry Potter books.
  • Cillian Murphy: the Irish actor who is maybe most known for his portrayal of Thomas Shelby in ‘Peaky Blinders’. He demonstrates qualities of an INTJ through his ability to embody complex and intellectual characters with depth and precision, reflecting his strategic thinking and analytical approach to his craft
  • George Lucas: director and the creator of the Star Wars Universe.
  • Steven Spielberg: a legendary filmmaker whose independent and creative thought process has made him one of the most successful men in Hollywood.
  • Sir Isaac Newton: an 18th-century physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and theologian, Newton was known not just for discovering the laws of gravity but for his eccentric behavior. His character and thought processes have been studied for centuries, and it is likely that he was an INTJ personality.
  • Vladimir Putin: the current president of Russia, who is well-known for being a ruthless, ambitious, analytical thinker.
  • Michelle Obama: is also considered an INTJ personality. A lawyer and businesswoman before she became First Lady of the United States, her wit and intelligence helped her husband win the elections.

Fictional Characters With the INTJ Personality Type

Shrewd INTJ personalities have inspired many authors to create fictional characters of this type. Those that portray traits most consistent with the INTJ personality are:

  • Sherlock Holmes: the smart detective and the main character in Arthur Conan Doyle’s book, Holmes uses deductive and critical thinking to solve crimes.
  • Tywin Lannister: a cunning and critical thinker created by George R.R. Martin. This character is independent and can consider possibilities that are not obvious to everyone else.
  • Hannibal Lecter: a sadistic killer who is a psychopath and a psychiatrist who uses critical thought and intuitive thinking to help the authorities capture other serial killers.
  • Gus Fring: the ‘Breaking Bad’ character can be considered an INTJ due to his strategic thinking, long-term planning, and ability to maintain a composed and logical approach in high-stress situations. He displays a strong desire for control, sets high standards for himself and others, and values efficiency and precision in his operations, showcasing typical traits of the INTJ personality type.
  • Professor Moriarty: an antagonist to Sherlock Holmes, also displays traits that match the INTJ personality. Moriarty is a criminal mastermind who evades the authorities and becomes the only individual capable of beating Holmes.
  • Thomas Shelby: the ‘Peaky Blinders’ character is often considered an INTJ due to his strategic thinking and analytical approach to situations, which allows him to anticipate outcomes with precision and plan meticulously. He exhibits a preference for logical decision-making, rationality, and a visionary mindset that aligns with the characteristic traits of the INTJ personality type.
  • Walter White: the ‘Breaking Bad’ character exemplifies the INTJ personality type through his strategic thinking and relentless pursuit of his goals, driven by a calculated and rational approach to problem-solving. His ability to plan meticulously and adapt to changing circumstances showcases the typical INTJ traits of independence, analytical prowess, and a preference for long-term strategies.
  • Michael Corleone: the ‘Godfather’ character aligns with the INTJ personality type due to his strategic thinking, analytical nature, and his ability to maintain a long-term vision while navigating complex situations.

INTJ Personality Strengths and Weaknesses

Just as every type has its strengths and weaknesses, so does the INTJ. These will vary based on the individual, some people with INTJ personalities have some awareness which means they can fix their weaknesses and focus on their strengths.


Unique INTJs are deep thinkers who are good at strategy. Some other advantages of the INTJ personality are:

  • Successful academically
  • Independent and require no supervision when executing tasks
  • Innovative problem solvers
  • Focused and determined
  • Goal-oriented and can persevere


High introversion and a lack of interest in socializing can make things difficult for the INTJ. The disadvantages of the INTJ personality type are:

  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Overly critical of themselves and of others
  • Experience difficulties in interpersonal relationships
  • Never admit when they are wrong
  • Cannot accept criticism
  • Impatient
  • Tend to be isolated

INTJ Personality Compatibility

As introverts, people with an INTJ personality are not easy to figure out. They often spend much time trapped in their thoughts and may not interact well with others. But that doesn’t mean INTJs can’t have successful relationships.

INTJs can make excellent lovers and friends depending on the level of compatibility. But they are a little picky and may require more time to develop trust and form deeper interpersonal relationships. Let’s have a look at the compatibility of INTJs in different settings:


People with the INTJ personality are very compatible with ENFPs, ENTPs, and ESTP personality types. These extraverted types help the INTJ become more social. ENTP and ESTP share a thinking function with INTJ, so they will find much in common in this regard. They might have in-depth conversations about the sciences.

That these types are all perceivers will help the INTJ engage in less rote behavior as perceivers are not routine oriented. All the above personality types can form compatible relationships with INTJs. But compatibility relies on more than just personality, and the personal tastes and preferences of the individuals will determine whether or not the relationship will last.


The personality of the INTJ type demands that they look for partners to ensure their continued growth and help them achieve their goals. ENFP, ENTP, and ESTPs extraversion could help to motivate the INTJ to stop the excessive analysis and start going after their goals.

INTJs will often look for someone outgoing and extroverted but still capable of giving them space to be alone. The most compatible personality type for romance with an INTJ is a person with either an ENFP or ENTP personality. ESTPs may not be romantically compatible because they focus too much on the present and neglect the future.

INTJ Love Language

The love language of people will differ based on preferences and their personalities. People who are INTJ will often prefer spending quality time with their partners. Although INTJs are introverts, they like to be around like-minded friends. INTJs will also appreciate acts of service as a love language. This shows INTJs that they can get help and don’t have to do everything alone.

Best Jobs and Careers for People With INTJ

INTJs might find it hard to find work. They don’t have personalities for the service professions, and they are not interested in changing. There are some fields INTJ would excel in, however. Below we explore the best jobs for this personality.

Career List

The field one chooses to work in is often dependent on their personality. Introverted, intuitive, thinking, judgers excel in fields like:

  • Engineering
  • Sciences
  • Law
  • Business and management
  • Creative professions

Careers for INTJ Females

Female INTJs are very rare. Women of this type struggle in many situations because they are not as emotive as many expect females to be. Those with an INTJ personality may find success in the following careers:

  • Research
  • Architecture
  • Creative design
  • Entrepreneurship

Careers for INTJ Males

INTJ is not the most social type, so males with this personality do best in work with very little supervision. Here are some careers INTJ males should consider:

  • Filmmaking
  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Teaching
  • Computer Programming

Careers to Avoid

Because INTJs are highly introverted, reserved, and asocial, they may not excel in careers in the service industry, or in jobs that involve lots of interaction with people. Careers INTJ personalities should avoid are:

  • Customer service agent
  • Sales and marketing roles
  • Emergency response workers
  • Highly-social roles

The career an INTJ chooses will ultimately depend on several things, such as their interests, values, and skills. Personality type can assist individuals of any type decide what career to pursue.


An individual’s personality is one of their greatest assets. Knowing what traits define your personality is vital to understanding how best to utilize your gifts. The INTJ personality type is among the rarest personalities, and many people are still unsure whether they fit this category.

You can determine if you are an INTJ by reviewing the above guide or taking a personality assessment test. Whatever the result, remember that your personality doesn’t define who you are, and you can continually improve yourself and those around you.

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