Mystic Archetype

Learn all about the mystic archetype, including definition, characteristics, examples and how it relates to the Magician archetype.

What is the Mystic Archetype?

The mystic archetype is led through life by their feelings and a sense of divine guidance. They live life relying on their developed sense of intuition, feeling that a higher calling is talking to them and leading them through the trials and tribulations of being.

Others sense these capacities within them and respond to them accordingly, finding that they are drawn to the mystic for some intangible reason that resonates with them in some way.

The mystic is a spiritual being, feeling a sense of unity with the universe, the spiritual realm and often with a deity too. However, they are still firmly grounded in the earthly realm too, able to build strong relationships with other people and relate to people in a powerful way.

This allows them to act as a guide or platform between other people and other realms, generations, cultures, worlds and so on. They can bridge gaps that other people cannot.

Mystic Archetype Characteristics & Traits

  • Mystics are expert at communication, sensing what style of communication works best for each individual and responding accordingly.
  • They can be economical and even cryptic with their words but still have a powerful impact. This makes them naturals in industries such as film, television, art, music, writing and teaching.
  • Most mystics appear content with their lives, enjoying their opportunities to explore the cosmos and attracting followers for the wisdom they dispense as a result.
  • They do not see life as a journey or quest but as an opportunity for personal and spiritual expression, riding with whatever the universe decides to throw at them in a manner somewhat removed from the ordinary stresses and strains which would affect others.
  • They form deep friendships but are equally comfortable in their own company or in the presence of thousands.

Mystic Archetype Examples

Famous examples of the mystic archetype include Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen, Rumi, Buddha and St Teresa of Avila.

Further Reading

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