Siren Archetype

Learn all about the siren archetype, including definition, characteristics, examples, and how it relates to the Lover archetype.

What is the Siren Archetype? (Siren Woman Meaning)

The Siren Archetype is symbolic of the power that women have over men. She is the male fantasy come to life – attractive, sensuous, alluring, powerful, seductive, and possessed of erotic energy.

When a man encounters the Siren he experiences a strong physical and emotional response and attraction, the Siren’s qualities proving a potent combination that the man is poorly equipped to resist.

The Siren appeals to the man’s attraction to the wild, unfamiliar and dangerous aspects of the world.

What is a Siren Woman?

A siren woman is a creature who is part woman and part bird.

According to Greek mythology, they would lure sailors with their beautiful singing voices and then kill them.

Siren women are often depicted in art as being very beautiful and seductive.

They may also be shown with wings or singing while sitting on a rock in the sea.

Today, the word “siren” is often used to describe a woman who is very attractive and whose voice is said to be captivating.

So, what are some signs a woman is a siren? Read below to find out more.

Siren Archetype Characteristics & Traits

Here are some siren personality traits:

  • The Siren thrives on their desire for personal pleasure and playfulness.
  • They revel in enjoying their senses and the pleasure they can bring as well as pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to society.
  • They are confident and exotic.
  • They focus on physical appearance so that they are always impeccably turned out and ready for any opportunity to enjoy seduction whenever it may present itself.
  • Above all, the Siren archetype has confidence in their own allure.
  • They do not seek confirmation from men that they are attractive, rather having an innate understanding within themselves that they are attractive and desirable.
  • They celebrate rather than denigrating men, not seeing them as the enemy but rather as friends and cohorts to be valued and enjoyed for everything they can bring to life.
  • They embrace life to the full, making the most of all of the experiences which it has to offer.

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How to be a Siren Woman

A siren woman is a woman who is confident, sensual, and alluring. She knows her own worth and isn’t afraid to show it. She is the life of the party, always ready to have a good time. And she knows how to get what she wants.

If you want to be a siren woman, here are some tips on how to become a siren:

  1. First, be confident. A siren woman is sure of herself and her abilities. She walks into a room with her head held high and radiates positive energy. second, be sensual.
  2. A siren woman is in touch with her body and her sexuality. She knows how to dress to flaunt her assets and how to move to get the attention of the man she wants.
  3. Third, be alluring – a siren woman knows how to capture a man’s attention and keep it. She is exciting and mysterious, always leaving him wanting more.
  4. A siren woman knows how to enjoy herself and has a good time no matter where she is or who she’s with. fifth, know what you want. A siren woman isn’t afraid to go after what she wants in life.

5 Types of the Siren Archetype & Siren Women

There are five types of the archetypal Siren – the Goddess, the Competitor, the Companion, the Sex Kitten, and the Mother:

1. The Goddess Siren

The Goddess Siren uses her illusiveness in order to attract and appeal to men, with men succumbing to a sense of wanting what they cannot have.

2. The Competitor Siren

The Competitor Siren is at home in the traditional worlds of men such as the Board Room. A tomboy and risk-taker, she is more comfortable in the company of men than women. Whilst this makes the Competitor Siren low maintenance, she is sexually aggressive.

3. The Companion Siren

The Companion Siren is the best friend of the man – the ultimate example of the saying ‘behind every successful man there is a good woman’.

4. The Mother Siren

The Mother Siren understands instinctually what men need and provides it, be it emotionally, physically, or sexually.

5. The Sex Kitten Siren

The Sex Kitten Siren relates strongly to men on a sexual and sensuous level. She is the tactile, feminine woman who becomes a man’s muse.

Siren Archetype Examples & Siren Characters

An example of the Siren Archetype is Marilyn Monroe.

A sensuous, attractive woman who made the most of her allure to men and enjoyed making the most of the physical pleasures of life, Marilyn has become a sex symbol around the world, even since her death.

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