The Devil

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about The Devil Tarot Archetype.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Part of the tarot archetypes, The Devil is the fifteenth trump, or Major Arcana, card in most Tarot decks.

Checkout this detailed breakdown of the meaning of The Devil tarot card.

Upright Meanings

Signifying depression or addiction, the Devil indicates feeling restricted or trapped by outside forces which create a feeling of powerlessness and victimisation.

However, this feeling is an illusion, with the recipient still actually in control and only their own behaviour/attitudes restricting them.

They should not tolerate abuse, manipulation, negativity or criticism from others or be held back but recognise they can always create positive change for themselves. Equally, they should not manipulate or control others.

The card also indicates impulsivity, secretiveness, obsessiveness, materialism, seeking of power and lacking of control. Energies should be placed elsewhere as these will not bring fulfillment.

Spiritually, indicates too great a focus on material things and a need to refocus on the non-material things which bring happiness, as well as a move towards the darkness due to lack of hope.

Even during dark times the recipient should try to send love and light into the world as they will then attract this in return.

When depressed or anxious, they should surround themselves with a support network and avoid those who are critical, seeking out healing energy and ridding themselves of negative energy.

​The Devil signifies feeling trapped in, or becoming consumed by, a relationship and developing unhealthy codependency, with the need to rediscover outside interests.

One or both partners may have mental health problems and, if so, should seek professional help. The Devil can signify jealousy, envy, dominance, deception, infidelity, violence, abuse or sexual assault. If so the recipient must free themselves rather than feeling powerless.

For singletons, The Devil can indicate sex in the absence of love creating unfulfilling encounters or being used in the hope of being loved. If so self-esteem should be rebuilt during a break from dating.

The card also indicates a potentially harmful new relationship which should be avoided, even if it seems initially exciting.

​The Devil indicates feeling trapped and unhappy in one’s job. The recipient should change careers if this is what they really want rather than choosing to stay. It may also warn of an untrustworthy colleague – be careful who you trust at work.

Financially, money will be tight but getting control of spending and avoiding financial risks will help.

​The Devil indicates poor health induced by harmful behaviours such as addictions or mental health problems for which professional help should be sought.

A silent or undiagnosed illness may be present and creating unexplained symptoms which should be checked by a Doctor. Any illness should not create excessive fear or limitations.

Reversed Meanings

The Devil reversed signifies growing awareness of causes of feelings of entrapment and the role played by the recipient in this, making it a good card for those with addictions or mental illness as it indicates they are beginning to understand their problems and regain control.

A new perspective, feeling of power and motivation is being found to tackle difficult but necessary changes.

The card reversed also signifies a close call with a potentially harmful person or situation which the recipient should be glad to have avoided and learn lessons from. They must avoid overconfidence leading them back to old behaviours.

Spiritually, the card indicates the recipient has been gifted the chance to avoid a major negative by the universe and should learn from this or regret not doing so.

It can also indicate turning back to the light after a period of darkness, such as depression or loss of spirituality, allowing reconnection with the higher consciousness as well as the ability to deflect negative energy projected by others.

​The Devil reversed indicates the coming end of relationship problems and the avoidance of something that may have irreparable damaged it. Power may have been reclaimed in an abusive situation.

For singletons, it indicates a near miss with a dangerous person or the realisation that prior behaviour was hindering the search for love and a renewed appreciation for the freedom of single life. This new attitude is likely to bring the right partner their way soon.

​The Devil reversed indicates new awareness of how behaviour and choices have influenced career to date, and readiness to take steps towards goals. A new focus is emerging on what really brings fulfillment rather than materialism.

Control can be regained if risky financial behaviours have been indulged.

​The Devil reversed signifies the ability to recover from addiction, end harmful habits and overcome mental health problems.

The Devil Keywords

  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Mental health issues
  • Secrecy
  • Obsession
  • Cheating
  • Dependency
  • Bondage
  • Materialism
  • Sexuality
  • Powerlessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Abuse
  • Violence
  • Assault
  • Detachment
  • Independence
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Freedom
  • Revelation
  • Reclaiming power
  • Reasserting control

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