The Magician

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about The Magician Tarot Archetype.

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Part of the tarot archetypes, The Magician is the first trump card in most traditional Tarot decks.

Checkout this detailed breakdown of the meaning of The Magician tarot card.

Upright Meanings

The Magician is a sign that it’s recipient has the abilities and skill needed to succeed in the world, with the universe aligning to bring positive change their way.

The card indicates they should use the intelligence and willpower they possess to ensure things happen. It represents a time when they have great power to create their own desired outcomes in life. It also refers to others who can act as a source of learning, wisdom and inspiration.

The Magician means this is a good time to develop spiritually as the ability to channel magical energy is vastly increased.

The recipient may be surprised how much this can benefit them if they focus on it. The card can also indicate psychic abilities coming to fore.

The Magician signifies a relationship moving to a deeper level, with greater contentment and commitment.

For single people, it means now is a good time to meet a new partner who will have good intentions.

The Magician represents new financial opportunities, but the recipient must take a risk to benefit and not give away their secrets to others. It may be the time for a new business or a promotion, with levels of confidence and power high.

The opportunity may arise to act as a mentor or be mentored. Finances will improve when this card is received.

If the recipient has been ill recently their health will either be improving or, if not, alternative therapies may assist them. Seeking out an experienced healer may be beneficial.

Reversed Meanings

When reversed The Magician is a warning not to miss out on opportunities or allow self-doubt from stopping you acting.

It could mean a person is trying to manipulate the recipient by appearing trustworthy and they need to be cautious in watching for people with ulterior motives.

The Magician reversed can mean that a recipient’s current spiritual life is no longer suitable and they need to explore a new belief system which will work for them.

There may be a new spiritual skill they can explore but if so they need to be careful only to use spiritual power for good ends.

The Magician reversed can indicate the recipient needs to be more honest and open in relationships to communicate their needs. They should resist the desire to manipulate partners and instead use honesty.

It can also mean that an apparently trustworthy partner is manipulating them. For the single person the Magician warns against allowing yourself to become cynical about love or feeling like you will never attract a good person.

Instead it encourages the individual to remain positive to ensure they attract the same in return.

The Magician reversed indicates that the individual is not maximising the financial opportunities available by using their skills and abilities effectively. This may be due to self-doubt or fear of risks involved in new ventures.

If so, the recipient should work out what is holding them back. The Magician can indicate a lack of trust in those around is holding you back.

All of this indicates that the recipient needs to be proactive to change their financial circumstances.

With regards to health, the reversed Magician means that the recipient needs to believe in their ability to heal if they are to manifest healing. They also need to seek professional help for mental health issues as soon as possible.

The Magician Keywords

  • Power
  • Influence
  • Willpower
  • Resourcefulness
  • Skill
  • Ability
  • Logic
  • Intellect
  • Concentration
  • Psychic powers
  • Manipulation
  • Greed
  • Unused ability
  • Untrustworthiness
  • Trickery
  • Conniving
  • Cunning
  • Lack of mental clarity

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