Aquarius Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Aquarius Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes).

What is the Aquarius Archetype?

The Aquarian Archetype embraces innovation through radical individuality, a strong will and originality. Celestial insight and democracy are also key characteristics of the Aquarius who favors original thinking as well as bizarre and eccentric attitudes.

Planets associated with the Aquarius are powered with an electric power that emanates from a potent field of cosmic energy created by the vortex of human detachment. The Aquarius is the archetype of the reformer and who seeks to illuminate society with new and brighter visions that support humanity. Through seeking the road less traveled by, the Aquarius creates new avenues of potential for the human diversity and creativity.

This archetype sets its goals high and seeks to attain the pursuit of enlightenment that raises the awareness of the entire planet. Even though it seeks liberty through the power of personal choice, it fully understands that the way to freedom is through the path of discipline and well-ordered thinking and living.

Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus seek to create a union with the arcane past that links to a hopeful future. Uranus is the pursuit of freedom while Saturn symbolizes the need for discipline. Even though they seek to be free and unfettered, they understand fully that this requires hard-work and discipline if they are ever to manifest their vision in the tangible world.

Aquarius is innovative and scientific. Their vision and inspiration seek to push the boundaries of human knowledge and awareness. Uranus literally means “heaven” in the Greek. But, for the Aquarian to reach the heavenly realm of Uranus, they must first tap into their polar opposite Leo. This gives them the childlike innocence and spontaneity that shows them their path to this paradise.

When entering the house of Aquarius, it is time to become excited and thrilled to express new things and new ideas that allow for your originality to be fulfilled. Aquarius is a sign of high energy that will stop at nothing to achieve that sublime connection with the divine. This is also true for both the houses of Uranus and Saturn, who are the mystic patriarchs in all mythology. It is only in these realms of radical self-expression that they can guide others through brainy and intellectual investigation and discussion.

Aquarius presides over the joints, the ankles, shins, and bodies’ own electromagnetic field.

If Aquarian energy becomes misdirected it can cause the individual to become aloof and insensitive to a human need that it can’t connect with. This is an actual loss of soul that has become absorbed in the technological concepts that are in constant progress. If the Aquarian is shrouded in impractical concepts, they can become selfish, fanatical, cold and zealous. This is noted in the mad scientist that will destroy their laboratory for the sake of advancement of science.

When humans begin to rise in their capacity, they begin to play god and the consequences can be dire. Nature can suffer and the soul is depleted. This was the theme of the classic novel “Frankenstein” written by Mary Shelly many years ago. The lesson is clear, as the technological prowess of human ingenuity bolts forward with speed and ferocity, it is vital that our spiritual faculties also mature so that our application of science and technology are balanced.

Thos with a hefty dose of Aquarian energy will forever face the need to balance the head with the heart. This will involve learning to balance their electric nature with the warmth, affection and joy of their opposite sign, Leo. The shocking aspects of Aquarius are both on the light and dark side of their nature.

Individuation is the spiritual principle which governs the Aquarian quest and provides the gift of being completely original in heart, mind and soul. The glyph for Aquarius depicts two opposite poles of energy that flow through their lives as the light of creative wisdom and the seed of knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge are in themselves two flows of energy that twist through the universe in an electrifying serpentine dance.

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