Aries Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Aries Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes

What is the Aries Archetype?

The Aries archetype is characterized by heroic action. It can be identified with an intrinsic component that exists in everyone and calls us to face our challenges with initiative and courage. Free will and initiative will propel the stalwart toward their destiny and is an invaluable asset when used correctly.

The root of the word “courage” comes from the original French word “cour” which literally means heart — the courageous are led by the impulse of their heart.

The Aries derives their physical energy from their core which is attuned to a spiritual journey. Courage is only activated in the face of great fear on the path ahead.

The potential for peril is what spurs the heart and mind into action and pushes the person to press on to find new routes of conscious living. The Aries within calls us to strive toward our highest ideals.

The season of the Aries begins with the first day of the Spring Equinox and the spiritual zodiac of potential is keyed into this cycle. As the sun crosses the spring equinox in the sky, the backdrop for the heavens crosses into a new age. It takes 26,000 years for the Great Year to come to an end and the season of Aries is the point where a new age begins.

Aries and Mars represent the never-ending quest to understand and express our individuality and activate willpower and engage vitality to initiate new cycles of experience. They also symbolize the awakening of new beginnings characterized by innocence and explosive power.

The astrological aspect of conjunction is also connected to the Aries Archetype.

Aries is expressed as the individual separate from the rest of the universe exploding with life and ceaseless vigor. It represents the power of the human to rise above the overwhelming circumstances and survive against all odds. As a spiritual warrior the Aries is intent on seeking their battles and victories in the eternal land within.

Bold Aries is called to take the initiative on the battlefields of life and add experience to their skills and prowess.

But this astrological house requires a great source of encouragement, energy and heroism. The house of Mars, the Red Planet, governs the Aries and causes them to shine a light into darkness and lead others to their own light.

Aries is also deeply influenced by the blood and the adrenals.

When adrenaline fuels the mind and body you feel the strength and wisdom of the Aries archetype.

However, Aries energy can become misdirected and turn into a highly destructive force that causes the Aries to revert to little more than an ego-centric warlord on a quest that is completely oblivious to the needs of others. It can seek to crush all opposition in its path with little fear of the consequences and less regard for the well-being of others.

This shadow must be overcome through the expression of the polar opposite of the Aries archetype, Libra.

This will bring balance to the headstrong and willful Aries and temper their passion with diplomacy, justice and social graces. Competition is both the light and dark side of the Aries.

It is essential to understand the difference between healthy competition which is like iron sharpening iron and unhealthy cruel competition which is little more than egocentricity.

Action is the principle which guides the spiritual quest of the Aries. In life, it is far easier to discuss action rather than take action. This is where the need for courage can come into play and involves having a mind fully supported by strength of heart.

Mars is the right hand of the Sun and the first Knight. As long as the Aries serves the Sun and is powered through its energy the kingdom of heaven which lies within can thrive.

The key will be getting very comfortable with turning ideals and dreams into reality and this will require a massive investment of energy, a commitment to the daily sacrifice and taking healthy risks. The good thing is that there is always plenty of energy and determination in the house of Aries and Mars to bring vision into reality.

The symbol for the Aries is the exploding fountain of flames that never fears pursuing a new experience.

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