Capricorn Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Capricorn Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes).

What is the Capricorn Archetype?

Capricorn is an archetype of worldly accomplishment and attainment through organization and disciplined effort. Capricorn offers integrity and wisdom to life through reserve, caution, solitude, and having an authoritative approach towards life.

An aura of respect and professional drive is naturally radiated by planets in Capricorn. Capricorn is mainly interested in making strides and dealing with reality. The ambitious goal of Capricorns is to leave their lasting mark on the world. Patience and patriarchial wisdom as well as structure and stability are created by Capricorn. It is the archetype of time, which is the medium of life.

Saturn and Capricorn symbolize accomplishment which is achieved by overcoming karmic residue via taking responsibility, organization, and maturity. Capricorn is pragmatic and inspires you to work hard to achieve your ambition to ensure that whatever you accomplish will be long-lasting.

The house that has Capricorn on the cusp is the place where you must act responsible and mature, exercise self-control, and practice organization. The same is true for the house containing Saturn, who is the ancient lord of time.

These realms of experience allow you to act as a wise hermit and provide others with practical wisdom. You need solitude on a daily basis to allow you to plan out your daily methodical strategy. Capricorn governs the hair, teeth, knees, skin, and skeletal structure. If this archetype didn’t exist, we would not have such boundaries as skin, space, time, or brakes on cars.

Whenever you misdirect your Capricorn energy you become restrictive, materialistic, and cynical. Focused on the bottom line, the shadow of Capricorn emerges which makes you pessimistic, lonely, and rigid. Learn how to overcomes this shadow by expressing Cancer, the opposite sign, to gain imagination, sensitivity, and compassion. Authoritative is a key characteristic that appears on both the dark and light sides of Capricorn.

A boss or manager who oversteps his boundaries of being a miserly, demanding, and worried authority figure does the sign of Capricorn a disservice. Capricornians are very success-oriented, status-conscious people. They get too obsessive sometimes about group or personal achievements and end up losing sight of nurturing people. The best type of administrator is someone who gets everybody organized but lets workers believe that they have achieved the task.

Integrity is Capricorn’s Spiritual principle, or planing your work and working your plan regardless of who might be watching. We all know what our ambitions and capabilities are deep down inside. Individuals are also plagued with having random urges that cause them to end up losing sight of the path that they been born to follow. Developing a sense of integrity involves aligning yourself with your visions and highest ideals and then following through to actualize your potential. Discipline is required, and discipline is the gift that Capricorns provide to humanity.

In order to be integrated, it is essential for you to learn how to fuse all of your disparate parts into one unified whole, and polish your strengths and work on your weaknesses every day. Social responsibility is the key. Modern society is fascinated with fame. Living authentically will reward you with a reputation of integrity and achievement and with honor, but most important of all, you will achieve a feeling of self-respect.

Capricorn has a complex glyph. The “V is a representation of the hermit diving deep inside the abyss of life in order to find the real truth after doing battle with the dragons of pessimism and falsehood. He must then sit underneath the tree of wisdom in contemplation to gain insights. Following the illumination of nature, you must climb from the depths to provide society with a new elixir. Popular rigid paradigms must be confronted, and you must plan your life work (which the loop symbolizes) to ground your vision in reality. The plan must be followed with a disciplined effort to reflect the truth discovered in solitude (which the arc symbolizes).

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