Leo Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Leo Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes).

What is the Leo Archetype?

As an archetype, Leo is a wise and benevolent ruler who projects radiant generosity to every living thing. This sign has an inward fire, meaning it enjoys being at the center of any stage, with energy flowing in eternal direction of the throne ruling over all consciousness. Leo planets have a zest for drama, enjoyment, playfulness, and liveliness. Leo is a symbolization of theatrics and entertainment. Leo shares deep-rooted connections to childhood imagery, as does the youthful Gemini. On the other hand, the love of variety and spontaneity known with Gemini is more focused on the mind-plane. Leo is more about role-playing as magical children who have the fire of life and vitality. The archetype of Leo thrives on recognition for its drama and creativity.

This specific archetype is an invocation of creative power and people’s inner child who can open their hearts to a deeply expressive live of internal joy of spirit. Leo as a sign teaches everyone that they are fractals of the larger divine essence. There is also a powerful lesson that spiritual energy always follows creative thought. Belief precedes reality. When your vision has intention, it will constantly expand.

The Sun and Leo both symbolize human urges to express ego and shine brightly. Given all the psychological terminology being tossed around in modern society, the concept of ego is taking a beating. If misguided, ego can become tyrannical, and yet devoid of it, humanity wouldn’t exist in the first place. Much as the Sun holds planets in their orbits, an ego is the center hub of a wheel of the forces of consciousness itself. Whereas astrophysics has gravity, the living counterpart is ego.

Your ego is what defines what’s admirable and special. The romantic side of Leo makes you enthusiastic about living, laughing, and being amazed over the miracle that is life. Any place this sign shines in your personal chart is a place where you should be a heartfully creative and playful performer in life.

The same applies for any house with the Sun it it, which we’re going to study next. It’s in these areas of life’s experiences where you can express respect, generosity, and joyfulness. Leo holds court over the spine, heart, and vitality of living energy, a field known as chi in Oriental traditions. People with the Leo sign or many planets in Leo tend to exhibit plentiful spirit.

Misdirections of Leo energy lead to temperamental actions and a narcissistic state. A shadow Leo can lose himself in pride and worship of the self, using egotism to mask their childishness and extravagance. In the blink of an eye, a king can turn into a tyrant forcing illegal decrees on an undeserving population. This side of Leo is one that pouts or even rages when it’s not the center of any particular circumstances. You can overcome Leo’s shadow by expression of Aquarius, the opposite sign. Demonstrate a practice of progressive thought, enlighten yourself about humanitarianism, and respect all efforts leading to equality among humanity.

‘Dramatic’ is a key term found on Leo’s light side and dark side. There is much that differentiates between performers known for exemplary theatrics and egotistical actors who feel a need to command their crowds. Eventually, people tire of forceful personalities who are conceited and overbearing. A crowd will move on, and the performer will be left alone, taking blame and doing it without sensitivity.

Leo’s primary spiritual principle is one of creativity, knowing that energy is channeled through both focus and thought. What you believe about life is going to shape your actual life. What your imagination can come up is possible with a properly structured vision. Everything as a physical manifestation only happens if it’s first thought of in astral terms. Aries has a principle of action that triggers manifestation. Although devoid of creativity, manifestations might be devoid of nurture or love. If you try to master creative visions, then you should first let go of your doubts or fears regarding the process. Go with the flow, even when creative acts seem to evoke imagery of your demise. The greatest of creative acts is a rebirth of sorts. I frequently feel that a great way to seek union with the creator of us all is simply being creative. Creativity is the utmost characteristic of God. Why not take part in the marvel of playfulness of all creation?

This is what the archetype of Leo is about. Everything you want to design and create should be visualized in utmost detail so you can claim your cosmic right. Write down an idea to immediately take it from the realm of thought to the matter of actual form. Just by grabbing pen and paper, you can turn energy and thought into matter and substance. Transforming matter into energy results in atomic explosions, so a reversal of this process likewise releases similar power in the soul’s plane. When you brainstorm on paper, you are putting creativity into actual action. This archetype enables you to shape a physical and real-life via the imagery you create. Enjoy it!

Leo’s glyph is a symbolization of creative consciousness flowing from within. These are like cosmic stem cells waiting to turn into specific life visions you want to manifest. It’s not unlike how blood flows through the four chambers of your heart. Also, it can represent the radiance and generosity of a royal lion, transcendent, magnificent, giving, and powerful.

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