Libra Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Libra Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes).

What is the Libra Archetype?

Libra is known as the archetype of many different things including aesthetic beauty, relationships, balance and intimacy. Courteous Libra is going to be attuned to the patterns of the universe, social engagements, and works of art. This is because Libra tends to be related to artistic skills, nature, charm and grace. There are planets that relate to Libra such as those that focus upon diplomacy skills, which is why they tend to be very persuasive. Essentially, they are gifted at interacting with others, and also the forces within the chart.

This particular archetypical symbol is relative to creating social harmony and will always focus upon an expression of justice. When you think of the mythic image of Libra, and the scales, this seems to make sense. Those that are born under the sign of the Libra are typically on a quest to glorify wondrous works, attenuate toward artistic beauty, and will be inclined to use intricate patterns in their understanding of the universe. They are also going to stand up for what is right, always striving to attain balance, and these are major concerns with the planets related to this archetype.

Both Venus and Libra symbolize the concept of strategy and planning, social order, and cooperation in relationship to human affairs. This archetype is also going to govern from a principal of what is called experiential polarization, something that was discussed earlier. The governing interactions of the Libra are intelligence, specifically the kind of intelligence that comes out of having relationships. There is another equinox sign, one that references the changing of the year, or the midpoint cycle.

Aries Ingress points are going to target this particular astrological age we are going through, yet Libra Ingress brings awareness of the polarity associated with the sign. In the Age of Pisces, which is where we are right now, Virgo is the balancing effect. Our Piscean ideals must be tempered, and that is possible through Virgoan discrimination.

The stronger forces of the Age of Aquarius are going to affect the tide of civilization, empowering societies, and nourish those that are creative. Both artistically inclined and spiritual communities are going to continue to grow for the next 2160 years! In regard to Impartial Libra, this is all about illuminated knowledge and the expression of ideas which will typically shine in your chart.

Libra is literally at the cusp of creating harmony, intimate relationships, and will always be focused on grace and love. The same is true for the house of Venus, and she is of course the mythic goddess of love. Life experiences for a Libra tend to be related to tactfully initiated relationships, coexistence, and cooperative intimacy which is sometimes related to the fine arts.

Libra, from a physical standpoint, governs the kidney and pancreas through creative expression originating from the brain. In the pancreas, this shows that Libra’s tend to be extremely cooperative, evidenced through the secretion of pancreatic fluid which can help with insulin and aid in the digestion process and balance Aries. The kidneys are literally the balance fluids that you have in your body.

Misdirected energy from a Libra tends to make them indecisive, and they may also be vain or conceited. Dark Libra tend to look for relationships related to personal gain and are going to be superficial, wavering, and often deceitful. This will emulate false sophistication, and in this shadow of Libra, you will find people that are approval seeking, passive aggressive, and that are distracted. This represents the unbalanced side of Libra, the overly for patients, luxury oriented, and self-indulgent expression of this sign. You can overcome this, but you have to express the opposite sign of Aries, which means you need to develop willpower, decisiveness, and courage. The keyword to focus upon is sophisticated, and this is present on both the dark and light sides of Libra. Sophistication can often reference people that have a lawful demeanor, emulate grace, and simplicity, but this can ruin Libra’s charm. On the shadow side, this sophistication of the Libra is often a façade to cover up indecisiveness and the flaws of being inconsistent.

Intimate balance is representative of the spiritual principle that all Libra’s follow, the ability to stay true to your authentic self, and as the tide of life rushes over you, you will still be committed to your goals regardless of what crosses your path. Your main focus is a deep state of relaxation, where you will find balance, and you will merge with the world around you. This type of balance does require a considerable amount of energy, as well as devotion, and you can sustain that based upon the elements and modes which will include fire, earth, water, air, and the in word and spiral modes that you can embrace. Fire, for instance, is all about creative activity and celestial illumination. Earth focuses upon your innate talents and pure nourishment. Air references mental expression and your ability to breathe properly. Water is an emotional expression of the Libra and pure liquids. Your Outward Mode is about change and exercise. Your In word Mode is about pleasure and loving relationships. Finally, your spiral load allows you to find comfort in sleep, meditation, and contemplation.

These life energy groups can assist in maintaining your overall health, and they can help you maintain a state of balance, especially if you are breathing properly. Since Libra is an air sign, when you have air constantly running through your lungs, you can help maintain your own balance over time. Libra is always going to admonish us to notice when we are not breathing properly.

When you look at the glyph for Libra, it is symbolic of the setting sun, a position that the sun occupies when in the 7th House of Companionship and Aesthetics. It is a symbol that targets achieving balance through pursuits that are aesthetically inclined, plus equal opportunity relationships that you may have about your life. With Virgo, which is representative of the sacred womb of devotion, on one side, both Libra and Scorpio, which represents passionate desires, Libra is able to forge a completely cosmic union, or what some will call the divine marriage, between rebirth, perfection, transformation, and skill as an expression. The symbolic arc of the heart represents consciousness sinking, a descending into what many refer to as the underworld, in order to improve your own sense of receptivity. In this way, the relationships that you have are simply tools for exploring your own inner depths through the process of mental exploration.

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