Pisces Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Pisces Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes).

What is the Pisces Archetype?

Pisces is the astrological archetype representing dreams, fantasy, spirituality, and a life of mythical imaginings. Pisces individuals have deep attunement with the realm of imagery, dreams, and feelings. This lets them introduce compassion, mysticism, and sympathy throughout the world.

Pisces planets are naturally empathetic to any condition that involves suffering. They’re also useful in identifying solutions waiting in psychic imagery and the unconscious domain where it resides. Pisces can be very impressionable and highly imaginative, able to penetrate the soul’s invisible realms while distributing emotion throughout the world.

This particular archetype inspires people to open up to the always-flowing creativity of imagination and the transcendence of universal vision. Pisces individuals master the art of withdrawal into inner realms where they turn to contemplation and meditation. Pisces planets are awash in spirituality and its sacred waters. There are times that spiritual paths such as these take the route of charitable sacrifice. In yet other circumstances, things might be expressed through artistic efforts and entrancing musical works. In any event, a Pisces person has the high grounds for poetic and illusive matters.

Neptune and Jupiter, along with Pisces, symbolize the spiritual journey life can be. They also represent the power of listening when standing on the shore of eternal silence. Pisces holds sway over visionaries, musicians, dreamers, mystics, and poets alike. A romantic Pisces can inspire those around them to seek out their soul, pierce psychic impressions, and even then share with the world the vivid imagination that spills into your own personal chart.

The Pisces house that sits on the cusp can be a place where you should convey compassion, look for spiritual unity, and dream if only for the necessity. The same things apply for houses with Neptune or Jupiter, as they are both the contemporary and classical governors over Pisces. These areas of life experience are where you can show others how to live in a way that centers on living truth with divine love.

Pisces holds governance over the eyes, feet, lymph glands, and spiritual field that surrounds the human body as if an aura of totally pure consciousness. This is sometimes known as the ‘astral’ body where people travel to when dreaming. So long as you live, you have a mystical cord, silver in color, that retains your connection with your physical body. If you gaze into the eyes of another, you might see right into their soul, since the eyes are governed by Pisces.

Jesus is well-known for washing the feet of his many disciples, and there were reasons for this. At that time in history, the human race was transitioning into the two-millennia period of the Age of Pisces. Right now, we’re in another interface period, going from that age into the new Age of Aquarius. Pisces holds governance over the feet. It’s also a water sign, which is why baptism is a water rite. This means that Jesus’ act was one of pure symbolism. Early Christians used the Pisces symbol as a defining mark.

Every age winds up carrying the strong charge from its opposite sign. Pisces, in particular, is known to bring Virgo in. The dominant lesson from this age centers around universal love expressed via service to other people. This explains the tone of many of the planet’s religions and faith traditions in the last 20 centuries.

If your Pisces energy gets misdirected, then the transcendence can turn into escapism that might happen by avoiding your responsibilities or even substance abuse. A mystic can turn into a martyr, a visionary artist might lose his mind, religions can degenerate into institutions of corruption, and romance becomes a mirage. Delusions of grandeur can rise to the shadow of Pisces leaving you evasive, confused, depressed, vulnerable, and spacey. You can overcome this shadow by expressing Virgo as the opposite sign, where you will gain humility, logic, intelligence, and the power to be discriminating and differential.

Remember how Jesus fed crowds using loaves and fishes? These represent Pisces and Virgo. The polarity is an invitation to master integration that empowers us to explore taking dreams and visions into actual manifestation. Everything started in 575 BC, as the transition from the conquest and individuality of the Age of Aries morphed into the illusions and spiritual unity of the Age of Pisces. During that time, great mystical teachers around the world were demonstrating various forms of compassion, be it Lao Tzu or Confucius teaching in China or in India with Sidhartha the Buddha. Greek philosophers were doing likewise, as were the astronomers of the Mayas and Olmecs. This all lead up to both Jesus in Judea as well as Mohammad in Arabia.

These various spiritual teachings and paths were all being laid out for us to learn about the potential of spiritual unity. We still need to learn integration should world peace ever be possible. Pisces has both a light side and a dark side, and the key term of ‘sacrificial’ appears both places. Pisces people are a lot like Piglet, from Winnie the Pooh. They’ll sacrifice anything in order to help out someone else. They’re very empathic and quite sympathetic. If they encounter someone who suffers from despair, then they’re naturally inclined to try to help them out. The issue is that they get caught up in a savior complex. If they wind up wallowing in their own pit of despair, then they can wind up sucking others in. The term ‘sacrifice’ has a literal meaning of ‘making sacred’.

That’s the essence of any true religion intending union with the divine. ‘Religion’ is rooted in Latin, where ‘re-ligio’ just means re-linking. Jesus was confronted by his own time’s religious elite, and he said that the Sabbath was created for man, instead of man being created for the Sabbath. The point is that institutions are intended to nurture people instead of vice-versa. On the other hand, just one look at the planet demonstrates that we’ve built up monsters of institutions, be it religions and governments or hospitals and colleges, all where human individuals are just fuel for establishment agendas. During the Renaissance, it was religious and scientific establishments that wound up banning astrology.

Unity is the Spiritual principle behind Pisces, which is the consciousness aware of the Eternal One reflected through all while staying the one true source of all life. The Age of Pisces and its spiritual traditions stress unity with God. Pisces individuals instinctively know that being creative is necessary for union with the creator. Even contemporary science is getting a bit religious in seeking a unified field theory.

Pisces, as a glyph, is a symbolization of earth and heaven uniting, of both yin and yang, and the total one-ness of all even expressed through billions of individual beings.

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