Sagittarius Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Sagittarius Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes).

What is the Sagittarius Archetype?

In essence, Sagittarius depicts inspiration, exploration, and the intellectual pursuit of principles and laws. Through an open-minded search for truth, the Sagittarius archetype brings vision. Sagittarius planets are capable of diverse and enthusiastic thought when it comes to the universe and the nature of life. Sagittarius can see the bigger picture and tries to teach universal principles and viewpoints to others.

Sagittarius’ direct approach to life and bold idealism provides the drive in people to travel, physically and mentally. Sagittarius manages the growth of cultural boundaries through the mythic search for truth and the action of bringing a vision to the outside world to uplift, inspire, and evolve civilization, culture, and consciousness.

This archetype is more about religion and philosophy and our overall journey in meaning. When it comes down to it, it amounts to deep reverence and faith for the living intelligent of perpetuity and longing for experience.

Sagittarius and Jupiter signify the experience of getting uplifted and charged with vision and meaning. Free-spirited Sagittarius encourages you to seek your inner essence, reflect vitality, and penetrate consciousness. It is the symbol of the teacher and High Priest/Priestess imparting wisdom to humankind. Sagittarius are open-minded adventurous who enjoy foreign lands, growth, and sports.

The house that has Sagittarius on the edge is where you need to seek the truth, philosophize, explore, and travel. The same applies to the house with Jupiter, king of the gods. It is in those spectrums of life experience that authentic spirituality can be achieved through your example. Kahlil Gibran stated that your religion is your life lived. Sagittarius manages the hips, thighs, and liver in the body. Sagittarius usually have powerful traveling legs.

If your Sagittarius energy is misguided you wear the familiar rose-colored glasses and come up with addictive delusions showing you that you can deal with more than you can handle. Extravagance and overconfidence is usually an issue that results in some angst. False teachings and propaganda, Sagittarius’ shadow arises to exaggerate, judge, and delve in headfirst into zealousness. Sagittarius people are renowned for putting their foot in their mouth and behaving dogmatic when it comes to cherished belief systems. You can overcome the shadow of Sagittarius by expressing Gemini which is the opposite sign. Its attributes include playful curiosity, attaining informed knowledge, and a desire for asking questions challenging philosophical and religious perspectives to stretch their bounds.

The word Idealistic appears in both the dark and light sides of Sagittarius. There is a significant difference between being confident and faithful and behaving like God is using you as an indignation of self-righteousness.

The spiritual belief behind Sagittarius is divine inspiration, which cultivates an inward conversation with the Supreme Being as your basis of spiritual knowledge. Faith arises when you know deep down that things will eventually work out as they need to as per the divine plan. Spiritual faith is the realization that the Supreme Being is working through each person, thing, or place and that regardless of what occurs, it will be serving the divine plan. Individuals with planets in Sagittarius believe that spirit is directing them and that there’s a meaning to each experience.

Having faith means that you’re like a receiver that has been tuned to the frequency of universal mind. Reiki healing entails the flow of universal life force, but there’s another phrase from Japanese origin that has to be familiarized referred to as reikan or divine inspiration. The reikan experience is the same as having the Supreme Being do reiki to you, which opens your brain to universal truth.

The Sagittarius glyph signifies the centaur’s arrow, which seems like it’s flying to higher awareness. According to Greek mythology, Chiron the centaur mentor freed Prometheus by giving his life for the fire-thieving deity. This made Zeus place his soul in the heavens to become Sagittarius. The sign suggests that one should overcome the random bodily urges and to direct that desire into truth.

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