Taurus Archetype

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Taurus Archetype (from the Zodiac archetypes).

What is the Taurus Archetype?

A Taurus archetype is representative of the nurturing of humanity. It is representative of Nature, Mother Earth, and peace in general. In regard to the planets, Taurus is attuned to the natural character of a person using deep rhythms. It is representative of the human being that is composed, calm, loyal, and steadfast. Inner peace is often represented by those that are born under the sign of Taurus, and can be represented by a spring meadow, the appearance of bees, specifically when they are creating honey.

There are many people that have strong characteristics if they are a Taurus toward reverence of nature and also pleasures for the human body. Taurus is also representative of strength, practicality, and is known for their granite like grip on the things that they do. They tend to be very productive individuals, like fertile crops, and are often sensual and artistic, similar to a musician or a chef that produces world-class food. A Taurus is also a teacher that is full of wisdom, a timeless individual that is always in the moment. They are individuals that can cultivate a reverence for life that will invoke others to also become better and enjoy nature. These are the things that the Taurus archetype represents.

In regard to planetary components, Ceres and Venus, which represent discovering interspace and having rhythm are often symbolized in the form of a Taurus because of their need to seek pleasure and become tranquil. For Taurus, their body is literally their temple.

Abundant Taurus will inspire you to play the natural field, experience pleasure, and this is certainly going to show up on your chart. That house is one that is reflective of pleasure, affection, tranquility, resourcefulness, and all things that are valuable. It is also true for houses that are connected to Ceres and Venus, goddesses that are representations of pleasure and fertility. In this life, your goal would be to nourish all others and bring inner peace to them. Taurus is also representative of those that govern with their voice, a voice that is harmonious and is imbued with inner peace. Tarians tend to be excellent singers as well.

However, if your Taurus energy is misdirected in any way, you can have opposing results such as stinginess, overindulgent behaviors, or you may be possessive because of your sensual appetites. In some cases, a Taurus field may forget what is really important, primarily because they may become attached to gaining material objects and this can significantly disrupt the flow with peace and harmony that typically imbues a Taurus. There are nations, all throughout history, that have waged war over gaining material things. It is only when the values that a person has are authentic, with an intention of honoring all people, that inner peace, add a collective level, can be achieved while seeking the best experiences that lead to pleasure. This really is the key to anyone seeking world peace, especially if they are a Taurus. If you want serenity in your life, something that can help you cultivate a reverence for life in nature, you need to embrace the positive side of these characteristics. Overall, Taurus people tend to be protectors of the planet and Druids of life.

It is very important to overcome what many call the shadow, and this can be done through expressing the opposing sign of Scorpio which is represented by reverence for the internal mystery, transformational visions, and a sense for gaining passion. The keyword Conservative is represented by both the light and dark sides of the Taurus. If we have a conservative bent to our nature, it is typically because of our values, and we want to share with others how important it is to be at peace like a Taurus should be. Conservatism often leads to materialism and greed, and if this happens, we become consumers of the world that are utterly lifeless, hedonistic people that are completely lost in our laziness. Our ability to imagine becomes curtailed, and we literally become the capital of humanity, becoming the very food of the institutions and governments that use this for their own agendas.

There are spiritual principles that a Taurus will embrace on a persistent level. It is our presence, knowing that we are sacred human beings, that is really our true gift to humanity. There are moments that we need to honor simply because living in society can be very difficult, especially if we are always pursuing the gathering of wealth and trying to find an opportunity to make money.

In the last Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction that was actually culture shaping occurred back in the year 2000, and it occurred in Taurus so that we could remember what we truly value and get back in touch with radical simplification and undertake rituals to help us get there. For Ceres and Venus, the Taurus will see the essence of life in all of that simplicity. We really do have to learn to live each moment to our fullest potential while we are on this planet so that we can truly value our time. This includes both present and past moments, those that are happening right now, as we create them making choices. If you are truly living in the now, you are not going to experience fears, anxieties, confusion, regrets, and you are certainly not going to worry unless you allow these things to leak in from the future or the past.

Taurus simply asks us to live a life that is going to cultivate a moving meditation, one that can help us ascertain the vibration we are seeking in each moment, a series of time flow events that will often emerge from a creative void into this field of eternal being. It is so important to be in the moment, living a life that is characterized by the reverence of inner peace, simplicity, and also seeking pleasure. If you have ever looked at someone’s chart that has a significant amount of Taurus on it, you will see something very interesting. These individuals are typically focused upon pleasures of sensation because they are literally in the moment and truly like the body.

Anybody that lives what is called the principle of presence, life is very much like a smoothie, preferably a strawberry banana smoothie if possible. You can drink it, and in that moment it is cool, sweet, and refreshing. However, if you decide to let it sit there, it will become warm, and often become lumpy, offsetting the pleasurable experience that you would have had you drink it right away. This is why it is important to live your life! The Tai Chi martial art is going to combine the Taurus principle of presence with the Aries principle of action, forming a complete and total moving meditation. You should really consider taking a class on this sometime. It will make you feel exceptional.

The glyph for Taurus is representative of the arc of the heart, representing awareness and receptivity over the circle of the spirit, often resembling a bowl. It symbolizes your ability to listen to your spirit, and you should be open to the flow of life, trusting in yourself, the wisdom of your body, and you should also engage with what is called the silence of the soul so that you can finally discover inner peace.

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