Ares Personality Type

Learn all about the personality type of Ares, including personality traits and frequently asked questions.

Who is Ares?

Ares is the Greek god of war, violence, and bloodshed.

He is one of the twelve Olympian gods and the son of Zeus and Hera.

Ares is often depicted as a strong and muscular warrior wearing armor and carrying a spear or a sword.

He is known for his aggressive and unpredictable nature and is often associated with the chaos and destruction of war.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Ares was not well-liked by the other gods, who often saw him as a troublemaker and a source of conflict.

Ares Personality Type

What personality type is Ares?

Ares is one of the most fascinating figures in Greek mythology, representing the god of war, violence, and bloodlust.

As such, it’s understandable that people are curious about his personality type.

Based on his actions and behavior in various myths, many believe that Ares exhibits traits of the ESFP personality type.

ESFPs are known for being spontaneous, energetic, and adaptable, much like Ares when he charged into battle without hesitation.

However, they can also be impulsive and reckless, which may explain why Ares often found himself embroiled in conflicts and causing chaos.

Regardless of his personality type, there’s no denying that Ares has left an unforgettable mark on Greek mythology, and his legacy continues to fascinate and inspire people to this day.

5 Ares Personality Traits

So, what are some of the personality traits of Ares?

  1. Aggressive
  2. Impulsive
  3. Arrogant
  4. Reckless
  5. Jealous

Let’s take a look at these personality traits in more detail:

1. Aggressive

Ares is known for his fierce and aggressive nature.

He revels in the chaos and destruction of war and is often depicted as a violent and bloodthirsty warrior.

2. Impulsive

He is often portrayed as acting on impulse, without much thought for the consequences of his actions.

He is known for charging into battle without a clear plan or strategy, which can often lead to disastrous results.

3. Arrogant

Ares is proud of his warrior status and often boasts about his prowess in battle.

He sees himself as superior to others and can become quite haughty when challenged or criticized.

4. Reckless

He is not known for his caution or prudence.

He is often depicted as taking unnecessary risks in battle, which can put himself and others in danger.

5. Jealous

Ares is known for his jealousy, especially when it comes to his romantic interests.

He is often depicted as becoming enraged when his lovers show affection for other men and is not above using his godly powers to seek revenge.

Ares FAQs

Who killed Ares?

Ares begged Kratos to spare his life while reminding him of the occasion when he had done so and how he had simply been trying to develop him into a great warrior.

Before Ares pierced him through the chest and murdered him, Kratos ironically retracted his claim that he had “succeeded” in doing that.

How many wives did Ares have?

Ares never got married, which may not come as a surprise given how much trouble he was.

He nevertheless had numerous relationships and fathered a large number of kids.

Was Ares a respected god?

Despite being the god of war, Ares was not considered a particularly successful or powerful deity.

In fact, many Greeks preferred the more strategic and tactical approach of his half-sister, Athena, who was also associated with warfare.

What animal is associated with Ares?

Ares was sometimes associated with vultures, which were seen as birds of prey that fed on the dead bodies of fallen soldiers.

Are there any myths about Ares?

In some myths, Ares was said to have fathered the Amazons, a race of warrior women who were skilled in combat and lived apart from men.

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