Guide Personality Type

Learn all about the Guide Personality Type including a definition, characteristics, examples and how it relates to archetype personality types.

What is the Guide Personality? (Short Answer)

The Guide personality types are often described as being helpful, supportive and always willing to lend a hand.

They’re the type of people who make great friends, teachers and mentors – they’re always happy to offer advice and help out however they can.

Guides are patient, caring and typically very easy-going, and will be by your side through thick and thin.

Guide Personality Explained (Long Answer)

The Guide raises the Teacher role to a spiritual level, teaching not only the established religions’ beliefs and practices, but also the overarching principle of seeing the Divine in all aspects of life.

You don’t have to be a professional preacher or guru to have this archetype, as we can all learn to lead others spiritually by cultivating our own intuitive spiritual awareness and passing on what we’ve learned with genuine humility.

To be able to include this archetype in your support system, you must be able to see a pattern in your life of dedicating yourself to sharing your spiritual insights with others.

A mix of self-disciplined effort and study and sometimes spontaneous spiritual experiences is required to achieve this level of understanding.

The Crone or Wise Woman signifies the maturation of natural insight and the acceptance of what is, enabling one to pass on this knowledge to others.

Modern televangelists and gurus of various traditions who are more interested in financial gain and control of their followers than in imparting genuine spiritual insight show the shadow side of the Guide.

Different Types of Guide Personalities

There are many different types of Guide personalities. Here are a few of the most common types:


The Guru is someone who is highly intuitive and able to connect with people in a deep, meaningful way.

They are very empathetic and are often able to see the best in others.

They are often spiritual or religious people, and have a deep understanding of human nature.

They make great teachers and mentors, and are able to help others find their path in life.


The Sage Personality is a personality type that is known for their wisdom and thoughtful nature.

They are often the ones who are able to see both sides of any argument and offer fair and balanced solutions.

People with the Sage personality tend to be deep thinkers who have a rich inner life.

They are often more interested in ideas than in people or things.

Sages enjoy exploring complicated theoretical concepts and enjoy debating with others about such concepts.

They value knowledge and understanding above all else.

Sage personalities have a few peculiarities that set them apart from other personality types.

One is that they greatly dislike small talk and formalities, preferring instead to dive right into meaningful conversations.


The Crone personality is one that is often misunderstood.

People tend to think of Crone as being harsh, cold, and unfeeling.

But the reality is that Crone women are some of the most wise, experienced, and nurturing people you will ever meet.

Crone women possess a deep wisdom that comes from years of life experience.

They know the value of hard work and perseverance, and they are always willing to share their knowledge with others.

Wise Woman

A wise woman is someone who is intelligent, discerning, and intuitive.

She is able to see through the facade of things and get to the heart of the matter.

She is also compassionate and nurturing, and has a deep understanding of human nature.

A wise woman knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to speak her truth.

She is also humble enough to learn from others, even those who are less experienced than she is.

And she has a great capacity for love and compassion, which makes her a nurturer and healer in the world.

Spiritual Master

A spiritual Master is someone who is considered to be wise and has a lot of knowledge about spiritual matters.

A Spiritual Master can help guide you on your path to enlightenment and can help you learn how to connect with your inner self.

They often have a lot of wisdom to share and can provide great guidance in your life.


The Evangelist Personality is a rare personality type characterized by charisma, creativity, and the ability to inspire others.

They are often sought out for their advice and guidance, as they have a unique ability to see the potential in people and situations.

Evangelists are also highly imaginative and intuitive, which gives them a strong sense of intuition and insight.

They are able to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye, allowing them to come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Evangelists are natural leaders and inspire others with their enthusiasm and passion for life.

They truly believe in the potential of people and organizations, and this belief is contagious.


Preachers are deeply reflective and spiritual individuals.

Preachers are often aware of their own mortality and their place in the grand scheme of things, and they frequently contemplate the meaning of life.

Preachers are typically very wise and compassionate people, who possess a great deal of insight into human nature.

They often have a strong moral compass, and they believe in treating others with kindness and compassion.

Preachers generally have a calming presence, and they can be excellent listeners.

Preachers often have a strong sense of personal integrity and are committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

Guide Personality Characteristics & Traits

Read on to learn more about the key Guide personality characteristics:

1. Good listener

Networkers have an ability to pay attention and pay attention well.

They are able to develop a mutually beneficial connection.

They find ways to assist others who express their wants and worries by listening to what they have to say.

Knowing what someone else needs is essential to helping them, and the only way to discover what someone else needs is through listening.

2. Having a positive attitude

Networkers are upbeat and see the best in every situation.

They are usually very optimistic and enjoy life to the fullest.

People with a positive attitude tend to be more successful in both their personal and professional lives.

They are more resilient in the face of setbacks, and have a greater ability to bounce back from difficult times.

They also tend to be more popular, as others are drawn to their positive energy.

A positive attitude is a key ingredient for happiness, and those with one are able to enjoy life regardless of their circumstances.

3. Helping others

Guides have the personality that demonstrates a consistent willingness to help others, often without any expectation of reciprocity.

Individuals with this personality tend to be altruistic, and they frequently go out of their way to assist others, even if there is no immediate benefit for themselves.

This personality type is often motivated by a strong sense of compassion and empathy for others, and they often have a deep desire to make the world a better place.

Guides are typically selfless and altruistic, however it is important to note that individuals with this personality are not always doormats or pushovers.

In fact, many people with this personality are assertive and outspoken when advocating for causes or individuals they believe in.

4. Being sincere

They are authentic, honest and transparent in their dealings with others.

They have a strong sense of personal integrity and are not afraid to be themselves, no matter what others may think.

They are direct in their communication and don’t beat around the bush.

Others can trust them because they always say what they mean and mean what they say.

5. Being trustworthy

The Networkers do what they say they will do, and it also means that people feel comfortable sharing personal information with them.

They are honest.

Honesty extends beyond simply not fibbing or telling white lies; it also means being open and transparent with others, sharing your thoughts and feelings honestly, and not withholding information.

6. Being approachable

Guides are easy to talk to, and they make others feel comfortable in their presence.

They are usually outgoing and friendly, and they tend to put others at ease.

They may not necessarily be the life of the party, but they are definitely someone you would feel comfortable chatting with at a social event.

One of the main reasons why they are easy to talk to is because they are non-judgmental.

They don’t judge people for their looks, their interests, or anything else.

Instead, they are accepting of people for who they are.

Examples of the Guide Personality

Here are some examples of the Guide Personality in popular culture and literature:


  • Meetings with Remarkable Men
  • Robert Duval in The Apostle


  • Marpa – Buddhist master and guru of Milarepa who guided him through arduous tasks to become the greatest yogi of Tibet
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