Architect Archetype

Learn all about the architect archetype, including definition, characteristics, examples and how it relates to the Magician archetype.

What is the Architect Archetype?

The archetypal Architect is a skilled analytical thinker and intellectual who enjoys thinking deeply and working in the physical world.

They enjoy being able to apply their intellect to the physical world through tasks such as design, engineering and working with their hands.

They were born with an innate curiosity about the natural world and how it functions, enjoying indulging their curiosity about the physical realm both at work and in their spare time through hobbies such as puzzle-solving.

When young others around them, such as at school, would identify the Architect as a something of a ‘swat’, placing great emphasis on study over the more social aspects of youth.

Architect Archetype Characteristics & Traits

  • The Architect enjoys gaining a depth of knowledge beyond that which other people would, desiring mastery of the subjects which they value.
  • They are serious individuals who do not make time for pursuits which they would identify as frivolous.
  • Whilst the Architect is an intellectually extremely capable individual, they are not the most confident people socially, making them introverted and focused on maintaining the privacy which they so value.
  • People around them find it hard to keep up with their deep intellect and constant analysis of the world around them, feeling intimidated by levels of knowledge and thought which can seem beyond them, and can thus prefer to keep the Architect at an emotional distance from them.
  • Archetypal Architects can be positive individuals and even dreamers, not feeling restricted in their sense of possibility and believing that anything can be achieved with enough hard work, effort, thought and intelligence.
  • However, this world view can also lead them to harshly judge other people who do not view the world in the same way as them.
  • They can view others who do not work as hard as them as being lazy, those who are not as creative as being unimaginative and so on.
  • Anyone who struggles to keep up with their ideas, intellect or desire to push forward change is likely to lose the respect of the Architect.
  • However, they are possessed of great self-confidence in the skills that they possess and are determined innovators.
  • They are perfectionists, prepared to deconstruct and reconstruct where they see room for improvement in any concept or product.

Architect Archetype Examples

An example of the archetypal Architect is American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright’s creative period lasted over 70 years, during which he designed over 1,000 structures. Of these over 532 of his designs were completed.

Wright developed a philosophy called organic architecture. This philosophy espoused the belief that he should design structures in harmony with humanity and its environment.

As a founder of organic architecture, Wright played a key role in the architectural movements of the twentieth century.

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